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The Institute for Psychology and Nondual Consciousness Studies is dedicated to the exploration, realization, and unfolding of consciousness. Psychologist Hannes Michel, who has specialised in praxis and research in the field of nondual consciousness founded the Institute in 2012 on Lake Einfeld in northern Germany. An additional office was opened 2015 in central Berlin. At the Institute, psychology, consciousness exploration and wisdom teachings are integrated in a contemporary way. A wide spectrum of integral work including trainings, coaching, supervision and energetic body-work is being offered. The integral work embraces the whole spectrum of body, mind and soul.

Hannes Michel is psychologist, psychospiritual teacher of the new generation and consciousness-pioneer in the field of psychology of awakening. His work integrates timeless wisdom, unconditional love and psychology in a contemporary way. He is the founder and director of the "Institute of Psychology and Nondual Consciousness Studies" and of the "Practice for Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy" in Neumünster and Berlin. Hannes Michel is an alternative practitioner for integral and transpersonal psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie).