private sessions


I am dedicated to serve you in the deepest possible way in your integral awakening in this lifetime here on Earth so you can live and embody the deepest happiness and enlightened qualities that you are longing for and benefit the awakening of all beings and everyone around you in the most profound way with all the gifts you came here for.

This is what I am devoted and committed to. I am welcoming you into an intimate nondual temple space where you feel supported and grounded in a sacred container and can unfold in the most healing and blissful way.

  • are you longing to live your deepest potential, freedom, love and the vastness of our true nature?
  • Have you had experiences of our true nature before and are yearning to integrate it into all aspects of life?
  • are you longing to embrace all human imperfections, our neediness and all emotions
  • are you devoted and willing to surrender all of you conditioned patterns and fixation to the light of your soul and love of your heart so you can full embody all gifts that you are here to share with the world?

then you are completely right here and deeply welcome to enter this sacred container with me where we are radically serving the embodiment of the light of your soul for your true happiness.

If you wish to work with me in private sessions, contact me directly:

I am looking forward to hear from you!