Welcome in the Nondual Temple!

"Hannes is a very unique man. He is a Scholar, Saint, Scientist and Yogi all wrapped up together. Thanks to his extraordinary gifts, he receives timeless wisdom as a spiritual treasure Finder. He is here to deliver powerful, healing and liberating messages for obtaining balance and happiness within and for the world.” - Laura Kamm (medical intuitive, visionary, author)

You are universal love, you are eternal consciousness. You are all the fulfillment you have always been longing for.

We are here to unite consciously in nondual awareness and live together in happiness, harmony and balance with the whole cosmos. It is your birthright to wake up to the truth of all being.

I especially welcome you with all your human imperfections, wounds, scars and the desires of your heart that haven’t been fully fulfilled yet! If you are longing for deep awakening and liberation, you've come to the right place! I am embracing all of you with the infinite love and compassion of all that I am and with all my timeless spiritual and integral psychological know-how.

The nondual temple is your eternal home where you are always held, supported and nourished by the ocean of love that is always here and that I have dedicated my life to, supporting as many beings as I can in the universal awakening of all.

You are invited to fully arrive, rest, come home and always BE home here in the nondual temple space for as long as you are yearning for.

You are nourished, blessed and supported by the nondual temple. May you feel completely home and connected on Earth with me and the whole nondual temple team.

You are love, you are consciousness

If you are deeply longing to experience the grace of our true nature in all aspects of life and are willing to surrender everything to your deepest heart desire, I would be truly happy to hear from you and meet you soon.

My life is dedicated to support as many hearts as I can in the graceful homecoming to the ocean of love.

Are you burning to live the happiness of our true nature in all dimension of life?

These are the ways you can deepen your awakening in the nondual temple with me:

Dipl.-Psych. Hannes Michel

Hannes is a lover of the divine Heart, integral mystic, nondual scientist, psychologist and crazy yogi. In his work he shares blessings of nonduality, timeless wisdom, cutting edge postmodern psychology and the cosmic love of his multidimensional soul.

When Hannes was 18 years old, he woke up to the nondual true nature in a death experience. In his overflowing love for our timeless divine nature, he has since dedicated his life to the awakening of all beings and to the exploration of nondual enlightened consciousness in everyday life.

He loves to wake you up to your true nature, deepest pure nondual presence and all-fulfilling ability to love. The power of his work grows from his devotion and divine love to God, our true nature and his many timeless masters like Jesus and Padmasambhava.

The Nondual Temple is a manifestation of our true nature, a global community of dedicated souls and a space for your awakening and integration of nonduality in all experiences of life.