The Nondual Temple is a manifestation of our true nature, a global community of dedicated souls and a space for your awakening and integration of nonduality in all experiences of life.

As the founder of the „Nondual Temple“ Hannes serves to work globally with everyone who is willing to embody cosmic love, compassion and pure presence. His work integrates the timeless essence of nondual wisdom, unconditional love, transpersonal psychology and integral therapies in a contemporary way.

Hannes is a lover of the divine Heart, integral mystic, nondual scientist, psychologist and „crazy yogi“. In his work he shares blessings of nonduality, timeless wisdom, cutting edge psychology and the cosmic love of his multidimensional soul. He loves to wake you up to your true nature, deepest pure nondual presence and all-fulfilling ability to love.

The uniqueness of his work comes through the wide spectrum of wisdom that arises through his awakened multidimensional oneness with his lifetimes in parallel dimensions and his visionary clarity that allows him to receive the treasures of wisdom from the masters he’s timelessly connected with. This yogic art is one with the embodiment of his current scientific background in nonduality and integral psychology. He gives birth to innovative teachings and trainings for living a fulfilled life in multidimensional ways in postmodern society.

In this interview integral mystic and psychologist Hannes Michel shares insights about his own personal path to nondual enlightenment. And you can get an impression of how it is to be supported by him and the Nondual Temple on your own journey of awakening.

"Hannes is a very unique man. He is a Scholar, Saint, Scientist and Yogi all wrapped up together. Thanks to his extraordinary gifts, he receives timeless wisdom as a spiritual treasure Finder. He is here to deliver powerful, healing and liberating messages for obtaining balance and happiness within and for the world.” - Laura Kamm (medical intuitive, visionary, author)