About Me


Hannes Michel is psychologist, psychospiritual teacher of the new generation and consciousness-pioneer in the field of psychology of awakening. His work integrates timeless wisdom, unconditional love and psychology in a contemporary way. He is the founder of the „Nondual Tempel“ and  "Institute for Psychology and Nondual Consciousness Studies“.
When Hannes was 18 years old, he woke up in a death experience to the eternal nondual Self. In his overflowing love for the Divine, he has since dedicated his life to the awakening of all beings and to the exploration of nondual enlightened consciousness in everyday life. As a transpersonal psychologist, crazy yogi and integral mystic, he embraces the wisdom teachings and sciences of East and West to awaken the hearts to the nature of their cosmic love.


The Institute for Psychology and Nondual Consciousness Studies is dedicated to the exploration, realization, and unfolding of consciousness. Psychologist Hannes Michel, who has specialised in praxis and research in the field of nondual consciousness founded the Institute in 2012 on Lake Einfeld in northern Germany. An additional office was opened 2015 in central Berlin. At the Institute, psychology, consciousness exploration and wisdom teachings are integrated in a contemporary way.  A wide spectrum of integral work including trainings, coaching, supervision and energetic body-work is being offered. The integral work embraces the whole spectrum of body, mind and soul.

He is also the founder and director of the  "Practice for Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy" in Neumünster and Berlin. Hannes Michel is an alternative practitioner for integral and transpersonal psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie).

His life is dedicated to the fulfilling wish, that all beings may discover the freedom and happiness of our true nature. His integral work serves to realize the Self and to embody nondual consciousness. Hannes Michel is the author of the scientific publication „Dzogchen im Westen. Eine qualitative Studie zur Psychologie der nondualen Bewusstseinserforschung."

Through a life-threatening illness and an intense death experience in the age of 18, he realized the immortal nature of consciousness. He questioned and explored the ephemeral nature of the universe and who we are in truth, beyond the transient forms. After recognizing our nondual nature and exploring different dimensions of consciousness, he studied the wisdom-teachings and psychologies from East and West. He met and studied with many masters, transpersonal psychologists and awakened therapists and received teachings and deeper initiations.

In addition to the study of psychology and psychotherapeutic methods, he received authorization and teaching qualifications in nondual wisdom traditions. As a transpersonal und integral psychologist Hannes teaches and works free of traditions and their restrictions. He studied psychology at the Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität. The University of Oldenburg was at his time of studying the leading university for transpersonal consciousness studies in Germany. His Majors were Cognitive Science and Psychology in health care, which includes clinical and health psychology.

Hannes Michel is authorized Enneagram teacher, completed a 3-year training in transpersonal therapy methods and developed psychological trainings and therapeutic skills that allow immediate dissolution of fixed behaviors. His research focus includes the topics spirituality, meaning of life, unconditional self-love, enlightenment and nondual consciousness.

Through his ability to meet people where they are, and to attune to their psychological and spiritual experience, he is able to help his clients directly, and he honors all spiritual paths. His greatest gifts are integrating the essence of timeless wisdom and the insights of modern psychology, guiding people through their emotional blockages into their true nature.

People from different backgrounds and experiences benefit from his work, finding greater peace and fulfilment in their lives. In particular, his integral work connects with people who are longing deeply for an authentic and transparent life: to live from the deepest Source, unconditional love and nondual awareness, that embraces our human imperfections.