Satsang & Trainings

Hannes is sharing his timeless presence in Nondual Temple Satsang as well as in Integral Awakening Trainings.

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Awakening Process 2-day Intensive-Training

May 21st & 22nd 2022

Awaken your heart, mind, spirit and superpowers!

Live your soul mission and celebrate the life you love NOW!

If you are sick of suffering and willing to surrender everything to your heart, spirit and soul to live the life you came here for with all your heart and power, you are ready for the Awakening process training!

Your soul carries all enlightened divine qualities in abundance. You are the divine source from which immortal sacred love, light and healing currents flow.

Fall in love with your divine soul, so pure and free of everything that comes and goes. Let your soul & spirit coach you with all your divine power and radiance and guide you with the help of the Awakening process!

The Awakening process developed by psychologist Hannes Michel helps to wake up to the universal power of our consciousness, to liberate fixated behaviour patterns, victim roles and trauma and to consciously choose the life in every moment that you have always wanted to live from the bottom of your heart, completely free.

Learn to create your life more consciously and positively in harmony with your soul essence and live the life you love in all experiences. Realising the true nature of your consciousness is wonderful, but truly living THAT is heaven on earth!

With the help of the background knowledge of the Enneagram, it becomes clear how fixated or liberated life is created. The Awakening process enables you to see through the creation of your own life movie and to use it positively for your own health and harmony of body, mind and soul. Wake up and use the power of your limitless consciousness!

In designing this process Hannes has integrated the most profound & self-empowering skills of western psychology and limitless crazy wisdom of Tibet in a synergy to support you in your multidimensional awakening. 

You can use the process in everyday life at any time when you become aware that you are currently not living the life that you want to live from the bottom of your heart. Especially in the face of the greatest challenges, life crises and negative provocations, we can grow more and more in our stability to choose the indestructible power of love that heals everything: open ourselves to the treasures of heaven and embody the light power of our immortal souls stronger and stronger here on earth.

You wake yourself up to choose a completely new life in every fresh moment of even deeper love and wakefullness: To create the life you came here for as a soul and that you have always wanted to live, NOW.

It is always a deep mystery, lots of fun and a highly transformational field of miracles to do this training in a sacred group!

  • The prerequisite for participating in an Awakening process seminar is to have experienced at least one private 1:1 session with Hannes.

Dates: May 21st & 22nd 2022, daily approx. from 12:30-16:30 (with a break) 

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